Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Homework Woes

Tristan did get his medication this morning, but he still came home to turn somersaults and cartwheels in the living room. I'm wondering what's going on with him.

Homework has been a battle. We do thirty minutes and take a break. If he's in a good mindset, we attempt to do more homework after that, but he frequently isn't.

Yesterday, I went to pick up some baseball socks and new clothes for the girls. When I left, Tristan was sobbing hysterically on the floor screaming that he couldn't do his homework. I called 45 minutes later and Tristan was still screaming. I asked C. if Tristan had stopped at all, but he apparently had been screaming the entire time.

I got home about a half hour later and opened the front door to find Tristan rolling around on the floor screaming. He wasn't even really sure what he was screaming about at that point. I asked him if there was something he wanted.

He mumbled something about wanting a banana.

"Well, have a banana, then, Tristan," I said, " but then, you need to go back to your homework."

"But it's too HARD, Mommy! I can't do it! I don't know how!" He screamed.

"They gave you homework that you weren't taught in class? You've never seen this kind of work?" I asked. He nodded, but it tentative, not enthusiastic, so I knew he was lying.

I gave the homework another shot, but he started throwing himself on the floor and screaming, so I threw in the towel.

I hate just giving in because I know that's EXACTLY what he was aiming for, but we have to pick our battles with Tristan. He lost the privilege to play outside for the day because of the homework situation. I hate doing that because he needs to be able to run off some of his energy.

We also have an arrangement with his teachers that if his homework is incomplete, he stays inside during recess to complete it. I just don't get it. I know he can do his homework. I know he must hate missing out on playing with his friends.

We have an appointment with Dr. M, his psychiatrist, tomorrow, so I guess we'll come up with a game plan then.

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