Sunday, April 4, 2010


Easter Morning. The kids were really excited that I let them eat chocolate for breakfast. They both went for the giant hollow chocolate bunny. C. gave the baby a lollipop which subsequently attracted every piece of carpet fuzz and dirt in a 50 foot radius. She still cried when I tried to take it from her.

We've had a difficult morning with Tristan rolling somersaults across the living room again. I gave him five chances to stop rolling across the floor before I finally grounded him...on Easter. I realize it may seem a little ridiculous to be up in arms about a somersault, but he has kicked both his sisters and myself in the face while somersaulting. It doesn't feel good and he actually made the baby bleed.

He continued to roll around on the floor, so I gave him the choice to walk to his room for a time-out or to be carried/dragged by me to his room. He immediately began protesting, which turned to blood curdling screams as I picked him up to take him to his room. I locked the door behind me (we have the lock on the outside for these reasons.)

He began to jump up and down, making as much noise as possible, while screaming and pounding on the walls and door.

When we went to see Dr. M last week, he suggested we give Tristan his medication in a different schedule; 100 mg Seroquel at 7 a.m., 100 mg Seroquel at 3 p.m., then 200 mg at 6 p.m. along with his Depakote. He wanted to try that to see if he'd do better if he was covered by the Seroquel all day. I'm not sure it's working because he sure has had a tough time lately with listening to and following directions and being still. His movements have been frantic and frenzied.

Yesterday, we had the first baseball game of the season. Tristan did very well, hitting on the second pitch. He's the youngest kid on his team, having turned seven after the season started. All the other kids are seven and eight years old. He's not the smallest kid on the team, though. He's always been on the bigger side, being taller than average. He seems to have a knack for baseball, which he didn't get from me.

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