Wednesday, June 2, 2010

First ASL Class

Our first ASL class was last night and it was a total hit! Tristan was fascinated by the other hearing impaired kids.

The class was taught by a deaf woman. She didn't speak, but instead taught through a combination of signing, gestures, written words and pictures. At first I was a little worried since I have no ASL, but I think it really helped me to understand all the nonverbal cues in ASL.

It's not just moving your fingers, it's using your whole body, your face included. When signing "hot," you make a face like you burned yourself. "Eat up" is gestured while your mouth makes the motion for "up," or swallowing, whatever way you look at it.

The positioning of the fingers and hands is so important. A single finger out of place or an extra motion can change the meaning completely.

We're just taking a basic class right now, but after we move, I want to enroll in another class to expand what I'm learning now. I am really enjoying the class and I really think it will help Tristan to see the words as well as hear them.

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  1. i am so glad it went good, i would love to learn, and i tried taking and adult ed class in it once but all they wanted to teach was the garbage that the other kids wanted to learn, like bad words and things...i need and ASL approved class! you get to make some real faces to get the message across sometimes!! i think its wonderful!