Saturday, June 19, 2010

Brief Update: More ASL and A New Wooden Sword

Well, I am way overdue for an update here.

Summer's already been really long and it's just been a few short weeks. I've been working hard keeping Tristan as busy as possible.

We're still going to our ASL classes. It's moving very quickly and it can be hard to keep up. I think it's been easier to get Tristan to understand what I'm wanting from him when we use sign along with telling him orally.

We implemented a sticker chart for him. He earns one happy face every hour that he does a good job. He decided that he wanted to work towards earning a wooden sword like his best friend has. He worked very hard and ended up earning that wooden sword! He was so proud of himself.

Obviously, we can't keep bribing him with new toys, but I thought maybe we could offer him things like extra one-on-one time with Mommy or Daddy, doing whatever he wants to do or time with the Wii.


  1. so glad to hear the ASL is helping as an addition to the communication! thats great progress , and it isounds like he is having a productive few summer weeks, even though you are probably exhausted! Love to you

  2. Tell him Auntie Kerrie is very proud of his hard work. Give him hugs and kisses and tell him I can't wait to see him.