Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day Camp Bust

I've been calling all over this island today with no results. Apparently, a day camp program for a 7 year old with hearing impairment and bipolar disorder doesn't exist here.

I put in a phone call to a local day care that also does day camp. I'm waiting on a call back from their care coordinator to find out if they're equipped to handle Tristan's special needs. I don't know if they'll be able to provide his medication if I do enroll him.  I'm also waiting on a phone call from a resource here that is looking into programs for hearing impaired children. I'm crossing my fingers they can help.

I called Military One Source last night. I got hung up on after being on hold for ten minutes. I was so frustrated I wanted to cry. Anyway, I got an email from them this morning that announced they had been unable to find anything in the area. It contained a list of places I could call to ask about day camp. Honestly, I feel like I wasted time calling One Source. I could have gotten that list myself off the internet.

If we do find something that is willing to take Tristan, I worry about the cost. We're looking at a minimum of $1000. We'll have to dip into our savings account to pay for this. I was hoping there would be some resources to help us, but I'm not feeling too hopeful at this point.

C. doesn't want to pay out that small fortune for Tristan to go to summer camp. I think Tristan needs it, so if I can find anything, we're doing it.


  1. I just read through this blog, and I have to say, Tristan is lucky to have a mother like you who is so dedicated to him.

    I have a nephew who is ADHD, and if his mother were half as attentive as you, his life would be so different. You may have seen me whine about my sister-in-law over on SC since her treatment of him drives me crazy. Her idea of dealing with him to to constantly tell him to shut up, hide him away in a back room, and bemoan at every opportunity how he has ruined her life. He really is a sweet boy too, and doesn't deserve to be treated like he is. I have actually contemplated called CPS on her, not because I want him taken away but because (if what they taught us in my early childhood education classes is true) they will access the situation and aim my SIL in the direction of services that could help them learn to live together. I have a feeling all it would do is add fuel to her martyr fire, and not accomplish anything. She refuses any sort of help other than to medicate him, and shove him in a corner. She seems to think there shouldn't have to be any effort on her part to help him feel better. I want to help him, but with his mother in the way there is little I can do.

    So yeah, huge props to you for working so hard to give your son a good life. I'm sure when he is older, and realizes all you have done for him, he will be extremely grateful. Just to know that he is loved is such an amazing thing for any child, but esp. one who doesn't fit in to the 'normal' mold. Keep up the good work!

  2. I'm sorry, I just saw your comment.

    It really made me sad to read that. Parents have a duty to their children to do everything they can to help their children become as successful as they can. I can't imagine telling my son that he's ruined my life.

    That poor little boy! I hope that he's getting the services he needs and that his mother gets the help she needs to do the things that she can to help him out.