Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Seeking A New Approach and Considering Summer Vacation

Okay, I think we might need a new approach.

Tristan tantrumed all day. Every word out of his mouth was argumentative and combative. It was exhausting.

He came home and seemed okay. As soon as I told him it was time for homework, he immediately flung himself on the floor and from that point, the day went downhill. I put him in his room, where he flung things at the door and kicked and screamed. Then he calmed down and asked to come out. This happened about three or four times before I finally insisted that he take a nap.

He napped for about an hour and I really thought he would wake up in a much better mood. He didn't.

He screamed and thrashed around. He didn't even really have a reason to rage. He was in his room screaming "Shut up!" over and over again. I have no idea who he was screaming at since everyone else was downstairs. I'm going to mention it to Dr. M the next time we go.

Summer is a mere few weeks away and I have no idea how I'm going to keep my sanity. We'll be moving in a few months, so pressing the issue with the school district (which does NOT provide services in spite of the fact that he exhibits symptoms at school,) is probably not worth. I'm going to look into some programs and see if I can't find anything remotely affordable.


  1. Have you thought about some of the techniques used with Reactive Attachment Disorder? I don't think he has RAD, but the techniques are pretty different than "intuitive" discipline, and it sounds like HE may not even understand why he's tantruming? (((((((hugs)))))))

  2. Oh, I'm pretty sure he doesn't know why he tantrums. When he's in that state of mind, it doesn't really matter and he's going to tantrum no matter what's going on.

    I will look into the RAD techniques.