Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Long Overdue Update

I recently had a family member tell me how much this blog meant to her. It really surprised me because I didn't think that many people read it, especially family members. I felt guilty because I've done you guys a real disservice in neglecting to update. I'm going to work hard to be better about that.

We've moved back to the mainland. I was really worried that such a drastic change would throw Tristan off, but he's handled it pretty well.

The week before we moved was a living hell. I understand why it was hard since his schedule was all screwed up, but he had some difficult behavior.

My daughter came downstairs one night after the kids had gone to sleep. She was crying and rubbing her eyes. When asked what was wrong she complained of vaginal pain. I had her lie back and examined her. She had a tiny abrasion. I figured it was from her itching (after all, five year olds aren't exactly champion wipers,) but she said that Tristan had used an ink pen on her.

I immediately woke Tristan up and talked to him about it. He, of course, denied everything, but when I told him Sofie said it was in the afternoon, he said "No, it wasn't! It was in the morning." He ended up being confined to his room the next day and has been under close watch since then. He is not allowed to play with his sisters unsupervised. If one of them is upstairs, he stays down. If he's upstairs, they're downstairs. It's exhausting, but it's what needs to happen for everyone to stay safe.

Now that we're back on the mainland, he really seems to be thriving. He's been playing outside almost constantly. Tristan is enjoying the cool weather and is learning new things about our new climate. Keeping busy outside really seems to help keep the bad behavior to a minimum.

Now the hunt begins for a new doctor. We close on our new house on Monday and will enroll the children in school that afternoon (hopefully, they'll start later on the same week.) I'm crossing my fingers we're able to find good doctors.


  1. He just needed his Auntie Kerrie! I do love that boy. Can't wait for you all to get back! Hope you're having fun. Love Y'all!

  2. I have been praying that the move would not be too much for him too....sorry that S got hurt like that,and that they have to play apart but i am glad you are able to find a solution to keep everyone healthy and well...inlcude yourself in there too Mom!! You are an amazing lady!
    Love to you all