Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Baseball and Medication

C took Tristan to see Dr. M yesterday. He came home with a new prescription. Apparently, taking the medication (Seroquel) in the morning and at 3 p.m. is leaving a huge gap, allowing symptoms to break-through.

Tristan will be taking an extended release version of Seroquel while at school, so he doesn't come home amped up. We'll be starting the new dosage tomorrow and of course I will update here if there is a discernable difference. I'm really hoping it works because even C was frazzled by Tristan's homework tantrum today, and he didn't even have to handle it alone, as I usually do.

We managed to make it to Tristan's baseball practice today. He is so good! I never get over how he can hit the ball so well, even when it's pitched by machine. As we were walking back to the car he said, "Mama, did you see me hit the ball?! I hit the ball a lot of times! Did you see, Mama?" He was so excited and skipped along next to me, holding my hand.

The baseball game on Saturday is out in Kaneohe. I am not looking forward to driving out there, but wouldn't miss a single game when he enjoys it so much. This is his fourth season of baseball and as long as he keeps enjoying it, we'll keep going.

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