Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Afraid of Homework

Oh, what a day!

Tristan came home from school in rare form. His communication notebook had nothing written in it, so he must have had an okay day at school.

I let him get a snack as soon as we got home, like every other day. After snack, he refused to do his homework, telling me, "I'm scared." When asked what he was scared of, he stated, "My homework scares me."

This is a new excuse. I tried helping him, but he started to scream and cry. He threw himself on the floor and thrashed around. I gave him the option to calm down and do his homework, or go to his room to calm down. He just continued to scream, so I picked him up (not an easy task,) and took him to his room.

Once in his room, he kicked the door and jumped up and down on the floor for about thirty minutes. After he calmed down, he knocked on his door, which is the way he tells me he's calm.

Even after he was calm, he was still incredibly defiant. Everything I asked him to do, he said, "No," to, regardless of what it was. I gave him his medication on time and could tell when it started to work, because he happily sat down and did his homework without so much as a peep. He has an appointment with Dr. M tomorrow and I'm going to see if we can't adjust the time he gets his medication, or maybe see if there's an extended release version.

I've been alone for the past three days, since C had to work over the weekend. He had another work thing to do today, so I was alone with the kids for two hours today. I think I just needed a break, because my patience had just worn out and I didn't handle Tristan as well as I could have. I almost wished that I smoked so I could take a five minute breather away from the kids, just to unwind for a minute.

After C came home, I went to our room for a few minutes and read something frivolous and light.

I made our Easter dinner today since C wasn't home for Easter. I made a ham and Tristan started dancing around the kitchen asking if I was making bacon. Tristan loves bacon (but then again, who doesn't love bacon?) He didn't seem to understand what I was making, even though he's had ham on other occasions. At dinner, he ate a ton of ham.

After bathtime (and medication,) he pulled his sister on top of him about three times before I finally sent him to bed. I'm not sure why he does this, but it's against the rules as she doesn't like it and I find it inappropriate. His doctor feels that it's because he's hypersexual as a symptom of his illness. I see why he would think that, but I think it could possibly be some kind of impulsive/compulsive need to touch.

I'm just glad today is over and I'm ready to start a new day.

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  1. oh mummy....my heart and prayers are with you...and i would like some ham too, plEEEEEEZEEE?!?!?