Wednesday, April 28, 2010

School System Fail and the Scary Voodoo Doctor

Overall, I really do think Tristan is doing better. His behavior is still swinging from one extreme to the other, but he's calm and stable more often than he has been in a long time.

If he doesn't take his medication right on time, we're in for a bad time. He gets really revved up right before medication time and I've given him the medication up to half an hour early just to keep things calm.

Our insurance company's patient advocate called a few days ago and I complained to her about the school system. Tristan has a letter on file explaining what needs to be done should he have a meltdown and remove his clothing. He has had tactile hallucinations involving seeing bugs crawling over his body and removes his clothing when that happens. Anyhoo, the patient advocate told me that he should NOT have a letter, he should have a 504 and services should be provided because of his illness.

Honestly, I've been fighting with the school system for a while. They insist that his mental illness does not affect him in school. That's obviously not the case if he's removing his clothing in a classroom setting. I'm so tired of fighting the system I don't think I'm going to pursue it further. We also have less than a month left of school and we're moving before the new school year.

We've been watching The Princess and the Frog pretty much daily the last four days. I bought it for S. as a treat and she loves it. Tristan is scared by the character of Dr. Facilier, the Voodoo Man. Honestly, I don't really blame him- that dude is scary! He also didn't understand where Ray went when he was squished by Dr. Facilier. I tried to explain that Ray went up to the stars to be with Evangeline, but he didn't get it. I don't think Disney did any body any favors when they had that character squished.

Appointment with Dr. M tomorrow. I hope we're done tweaking Tristan's meds, but of course I'll update with any changes.

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