Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pickle Policeman and Rollercoaster Behavior

Tristan and I had a play therapy session together yesterday. We discussed touching and then made masks. He made a bad guy mask with many eyes while I made a green, freckled mask with policeman sunglasses. C. asked me what my mask was, so told her it was a "pickle policeman." We played out that the pickle policeman arrested the many eyed bad guy and locked him up in a lock box. It was pretty fun.

We've been having some extreme behavior. Over all, he's doing pretty well.

Yesterday, he threw a tantrum because he didn't want to sit in time out for kicking his friend. After the tantrum, I let him out of his room and put him back in time out. He seemed shocked I wanted him to sit in time out after throwing such a tantrum. I don't know why he would be shocked or confused about that- it isn't anything new.

Anyway- extreme behavior...He's been going from doing great and having no issues to suddenly exploding and having a major tantrum. I think I like it better this way than the tantrums broken up by constant movement and defiance.

He's also been saying things like "I have to beat up _____," when he gets upset with someone. He hasn't actually done it, so I am thankful for that. Maybe he's just expressing how he feels so he doesn't hit anyone. If that's the case, I'm proud of him for being able to express that.

Now he's playing Logo, a computer game designed to teach children how to program, with his dad and sister. He doesn't usually have the patience to play a game like that. I really do think we're on the up.

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