Thursday, April 15, 2010

One Hell of a Day

I'm hesitant to write this post because I'm still optimistic that today will be better.

Tristan had one HELL of a day yesterday. He seemed okay on the way home. Once we got home, I ran the baby up to her bed for a nap, then ran back outside to unload groceries while Tristan and his sister hung out in the living room. While outside, I heard S let out a blood curdling scream and I ran back inside. Tristan had bitten the crap out of her!

When asked, neither one was sure why he had bitten her. He couldn't explain and apparently, there was no disagreement prior to the biting.

When I attempted to put him in time out, it was the beginning of a two hour battle. He screamed, thrashed and broke things. He back flipped off the couch. It was terrible. He would calm down just to find something new (and ridiculous) to rage about. When he finally calmed down, he sat in time-out for biting S.

His play therapist called (I swear, that woman has ESP or something,) and told me that she thought he might be attempting to manipulate his way out of time out and homework and that I was handling the situation well. That's always good to hear because I worry that I could be handling things better.

The rest of the day was pretty intense with defiance, and resistance to just about everything, but he didn't have any more tantrums...until 3 a.m.

He woke up S by climbing into her bed at 3 a.m. She came and got us because he is not allowed to sleep in her room due to his past behaviors towards her. He did not want to go back to his room and had another tantrum for another hour. He screamed and started pounding on the floor. C ran into the room to stop the pounding since we have neighbors that share a wall and we didn't want to wake them or their children.

He finally went back to sleep at 5 a.m., only to wake up half an hour later. I'm pretty sure he'll come home from school in a foul temper, grouchy from lack of sleep and already angry.

I can only home he comes home in a good mood. If not, he'll certainly be taking a nap after he gets home. We'll see his play therapist tomorrow and see if she has any new ideas.

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